[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

Mark Brier (Lists) lists at openitup.org
Tue Apr 10 09:47:18 BST 2007

Allen Brooker wrote:
> Dan Attwood wrote:
>> The choice for debian is want you want to run it on. ie;
>> athlon, athlon64, pentium, sparc, mips, arm, toaster, casio
>> calculator, fusion powered super computer, dead badger, my mates daves
>> spectrum, the 486 i use as a doorstop
>> Seriously though I don't think you should knock debian to hard, sure
>> they have problems but at least they make a good base for other
>> distros to do it right
> Sorry, but in my opinion Gentoo beats them severely on both points. Hey,
> how many distro's can run on a PS3? And creating a new distro based on
> Gentoo can be as simple as creatign an overlay and continuing to use the
> main Gentoo package repository and mirrors for the msot part - Sabayon
> does this and is apparently the favoured distro of the Beryl developers.

Please remember that neither Gentoo nor Ubuntu would exist without
Debian, from which they are both derived.

Also, whilst gentoo is an excellent distro for both learning and
building custom servers, what does it add for the "non-tinkerer" (i.e.
those of us who want to build a server and have it server)? nothing,
except an extra days work to install.

As for overlays etc. the same can be achieved using debian repositories too.

There are a number of distros that can run on ps3 from what i can gather
, however I think only debian runs on the nokia 770 internet tablet.


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