[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

J D Freeman klug at quixotic.org.uk
Wed Apr 11 01:09:36 BST 2007

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On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 09:11:20AM +0100, Karl Latimer wrote:
> Exactly how does debian offer more choice than any other distro?
> Sounds like there are two choices, stable, and unstable...

Testing, don't forget Testing.

> How about, Fedora Desktop, Fedora Server, Fedora Live, Redhat Enterprise
> Linux, Redhat Technical Workstation? 

Excellent, we can have a feck load of weird and wonderful variations
just to add their own idiosyncracies and slight differences.

> Sounds like a whole heap of choice to me, then you've got
> Ubuntu Long term support server, Ubuntu Long term support desktop,
> Ubuntu Edgy server, Ubuntu edgy desktop, Ubuntu Feisty server, ubuntu
> feisty desktop....

How, um, conveluted.

In the UNIX world, the border line between what is, and isn't a server
is so thin and so blurred as to make the idea of a "server" version of a
distro, IMHO, laughable.

> Are you starting to get the picture, these distros actually have recent
> software, which IS stable!

Define stable? Changing every few months, does not to me, sound stable.
Infact it sounds to me to be the complete opposite.

> GNOME 2.18 IS Stable for instance, its new, but its stable, its out of
> testing and released, all within 6 months...

I have no time for gnome, so which version of gnome is included is,
imho, entirely irrelevant. Others obviously feel different.

> I think saying debian gives you more choice than any other distro is
> like saying windows vista gives you more choice than any other windows
> release.

Debian is a valid choice. Redhat (and derivatives) is also a valid
choice. Not everyone makes the same choices. I choose debian exactly for
this release cycle. I know that I have a stable base system that will
stay much the same (baring major security updates) for many months. I
don't want to be changing every 3 weeks cos someone has decided that
their latest codebase is stable as it stays up for 3 hours. The rigorous
quality control that goes into debian is why it takes a long time.

Ultimately, good things come to those who wait. Whilst I don't expect
you all to drink guiness, some of us do like it.

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