[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

Karl Latimer karl at qdh.org.uk
Wed Apr 11 14:46:34 BST 2007

> >> I don't need to reply to the list to have someone to argue with, thats
> >> what I have IRC for. No, I am replying as I hate to see someone going
> >> off at one about something they clearly seem to show little
> >> understanding of. Especially when many of the developers they are
> >> slagging off are people I consider friends, and one thing I will not do
> >> is stand by and watch someone slag off a friend.

Your emails always appear argumentative JD, maybe you should work on
that. Maybe mine are brazen but I try to do this in an amusing way,
rather than condescending and attempting humiliation. 

Secondly, you may think I have little understanding of these things,
however I have been doing this quite a while. I understand perfectly
what I'm doing... You seem incapable of empathy, that is to see things
from other peoples perspective, I do use CD's to install servers, you
may think thats dumb, however it takes less than 5 minutes for a windows
XP system to be infected when connected to the internet just after
install. Similarly there could be other nasties lurking around (rh6.2 +
rpc.statd == about 15 minutes survival), if I'm building it inside of a
network and not directly connected to the net, using a firewall for
instance, things are safer, maybe I'd do an NFS install, or whatever I
decide at the time. This doesn't necessarily mean that this is bad
practice just because _YOU_ do things differently, and its no reason to
scoff at someone or try to humiliate them, the install CDs/DVDs are
still important and different OS spins are also important. Also
remember, that a CD is a hell of a lot faster than a network, 15 minutes
for a 2.5Gb desktop install vs what like 4 hours? over the net... 

> > /me thinks you two should get a room ;)
> /me seconds that notion.

I think she should get a room, 10 rolls of rubber wallpaper and a jacket
with pockets in the back. Opinions are opinions ;)

> It seems to me this is getting personal which I find ludicrous becuase
> we're all using the same stuff essentially.

Yes, it is true, its all the same, so I also find it amusing that
someone would proclaim that debian is more stable than any other
distribution, it all goes upstream in the end... Gotta love that
wildebeest ;)


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