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Wed Apr 11 14:08:22 BST 2007

George Prowse wrote:
> J D Freeman wrote:
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>> On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 08:49:27AM +0100, Karl Latimer wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 01:10 +0100, J D Freeman wrote:
>>> Who let her out of the cage?
>> Love you too.
>>>> In the UNIX world, the border line between what is, and isn't a server
>>>> is so thin and so blurred as to make the idea of a "server" version
>>>> of a
>>>> distro, IMHO, laughable.
>>> Funny, I'd have thought that DVD's full of packages was laughable
>>> myself, 4.3Gb for Fedora, then stripping the bugger down into a server
>>> is a pain in the arse... mind you, 600-700Mb is quite nice, and doesn't
>>> come with all that useless crap.     
>> I would say a DVD full is laughable as well. Its been along time since I
>> used a cd to install an OS (I tend to use debootstrap). Last time I
>> installed debian, it was just over 90 meg. There is no stripping it down
>> for the server. There is no pissing around removing stuff you don't
>> need. This is why I suggest there is no real difference. Cos from this
>> 90 meg install, I can apt-get install xwindows or I can apt-get install
>> apache, (or both if I wish). I can then tailor it to what I want,
>> without having to first remove stuff I don't want.
>>> Maybe YOU are right JD, maybe the major distributors are wrong... I
>>> doubt it.
>> Or, how about, all the major distributors are wrong, AND I am? Keep an
>> open mind to all options!
>>> LMFAO, I'm going to refrain from saying what is on my mind to that.
>> Awww, feel free to mail me off list, I am curious to hear this.
>>> START LIVING IN THE HERE AND NOW!!! FCS its always the same with you,
>>> just bugger off and write everything in hex for eniac will you, adding
>>> features, bug fixes and optimisation that comes with every release is
>>> important to stability.     
>> Not all bug fixes fix bugs (old bugs out, new bugs in), not all features
>> are needed, not all optimisations are worth having. Consider not every
>> install is the same, not everyone needs the same things. I am not
>> suggesting you should forsake all redhat and move to debian. What I am
>> suggesting is you stop slagging it off when you clearly don't know what
>> you are talking about. And accept that debian as an equally valid
>> choice. You like mint icecream, I like chocolate. Both valid choices.
>>> How many 2.6 kernel patches are back ported to 2.4? Should we all run
>>> apache 1.3?     
>> Funny you should mention that, I use apache 1.3 on several servers cos
>> it just bloody well works. I often get support requests from people
>> having problems with the new "FEATURES" of apache 2, and find that
>> ultimately 1.3 does what is needed. As for the kernel, tbh, anything 2.4
>> and onwards seems to be enough for the hardware I have at home. You have
>> to ask youself when you sit down to make a decision like this, what are
>> the benifits of the latest and greatest, what are the risks. Based on
>> this risk analysis, make a decision. What your acceptable level of risk
>> is, is entirely your call. I have a much lower level of acceptable level
>> of risk than many others. This is why some of my customers VM's are
>> reaching 550 day uptimes.
>>> Hmm, I think the quality control that apache does is good on its own,
>>> coupled with the redhat/ubuntu testing and all other distros putting
>>> their ore in help.     
>> Apache quality control is pretty good. Add the debian control on top of
>> that and what you get is fscking brilliant. Why settle for "pretty good"
>> when you can have the best?
>>> Grow up JD, and stop replying to this list to have someone to argue
>>> with... I'm not going to entertain you I suggest others don't either.
>> I don't need to reply to the list to have someone to argue with, thats
>> what I have IRC for. No, I am replying as I hate to see someone going
>> off at one about something they clearly seem to show little
>> understanding of. Especially when many of the developers they are
>> slagging off are people I consider friends, and one thing I will not do
>> is stand by and watch someone slag off a friend.
>> J
> /me thinks you two should get a room ;)

/me seconds that notion.

It seems to me this is getting personal which I find ludicrous becuase
we're all using the same stuff essentially.

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