[Klug-general] Synopsis of the Saturday meeting

Mike Rentell michael.rentell at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 4 15:19:39 UTC 2008

George Prowse wrote:
> Mike Rentell wrote:
>> George Prowse wrote:
>>> On 3 Dec 2008, at 17:58, Goldfish wrote:
>>>> On 3 Dec 2008, at 14:09, J D Freeman wrote:
>>>>> Why do we need the extra bits in there that aren't relevant?
>>>> I think ...
>>> ¡¡¡ɹǝllɐɯs uǝʌǝ slıɐɯǝ ǝɥʇ ǝpɐɯ sıɥʇ ɟı sı  ʎuunɟ ʎllɐǝɹ ǝq plnoʍ ʇɐɥʍ
>> That's clever. I didn't know you could do that with simple text. My 
>> Firefox tells me it is in Unicode (UTF-8).
>> MikeR
>> in Folkestone
> Yup, as long as you use UTF-8 and LC=ALL then you should be able to read 
> it perfectly, albeit upside down :)
On closer inspection - all is upside down except the letter Ls - which 
ain't. How odd.


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