[Klug-general] Installing OOo

Etenil etenil at etenilsrealm.nl
Mon Dec 8 16:43:23 UTC 2008


first of all, you might find it less confusing to remove the old OOo.

then, I guess

rpm -i *.rpm

inside your directory should do the trick.


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G'day all,

I have downloaded OOo ver 3 which I need because someone is sending me 
MSOffice 2007 project stuff. My OOo 2.2.1 won't handle it but I am 
assured ver 3 will.

So I have got a download directory full of rpms suitable for my Mandriva 
set but I disremember the terminal command which will install them all 
one after the other.

If anyone can let me have that command I'd be most grateful.

Once again my aging memory is letting me down. I had that command once, 
but it has gone the way of all things...


in Folkestone

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