[Klug-general] OOo ver 3 incompatibility

Mike Rentell michael.rentell at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 17 12:19:42 UTC 2008

Margot wrote:
> Mike Rentell wrote:
>> Mike Evans wrote:
>>> Mike Rentell wrote:
>>>  > That sounds like a kind invitation from MikeE, but I don't undestand
>>>  > most of it.
>>> yum, or YUM is Yellowdog Update Manager I seem to remember.  For this 
>>> to make any sense you have to know that Yellow Dog was a distribution 
>>> of Linux which did some innovative things and then floundered only to 
>>> be resuscitated as a distro for the X-box or some other game console 
>>> thingy I wouldn't be interested in.
>>> Anyway, one of the good things that came out of it was a package 
>>> manager called yum.  Putting Gentoo to one side (which most people do 
>>> eventually :)  - It has its own software installation manager 
>>> designed to work with source code) that pretty much splits the world 
>>> into two:  the yummers and the apt-getters.
>>> Debian packages come in .deb files, are managed by the apt-* suite of 
>>> programs at the higher level and dpkg program at the low level.  
>>> Redhat Package Manager packages come in .rpm files, are managed by 
>>> yum at the higher level and the rpm program at the low level.
>>> Traditionally Debian (and by extension Ubuntu) people think that 
>>> there is nothing better than apt-get.  This was true when rpm based 
>>> distros only had the rpm program, but with yum they have something 
>>> equally handy and somewhat more intelligible in terms of command 
>>> structure IMHO.  This is all fairly irrelevant if you don't like 
>>> command line utilities because there are now various GUI tools 
>>> (synaptics/pirut) which sit over either system and make the whole 
>>> thing a point and click doddle provided you don't want to do anything 
>>> remotely interesting.
>>> Dan Attwood wrote:
>>>> I think the page you need to read in Linux Format is the one that 
>>>> mentions dodgy nvidia drivers in Mandriva! Not got the mag in fornt 
>>>> of me but i can give you the number tonight.
>>> All this to one side - I've just seen Dan's later post on dodgy 
>>> nvidia drivers with Mandriva and suspect that he may be onto 
>>> something there. I've not bought Linux Format in a few months.
>>> Mauriat Miranda has a helpful page on getting and installing nvidia 
>>> drivers using yum and or using the nvidia installer.  It is written 
>>> for Fedora people so it uses the RPMFusion repository which would not 
>>> be suitable for you.  However but the part on using the nvidia 
>>> installer should be applicable to Manriva.  Alternatively there may a 
>>> suitable yum repository for Mandriva. see 
>>> http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-nvidia.html
>>> I am successfully using the nvidia driver, installed from the 
>>> RPMFususion repository using YUM on both Fedora 8 and Fedora 10.  I 
>>> chose this as I wanted more than the 2D support from the 'nv' driver 
>>> and was uncomfortable using the 'nouveau' driver in its present 
>>> experimental state for my main machine.  On F8 I run OOo2 on 10 I 
>>> have OOo3.
>>> MikeE
>> That's all very informative, my apologies for the delay. Many thanks. 
>> I've gone back to OOo 2.2.1 under Mandriva 2008.1 after a brief cycle 
>> through some other distros to see how I get on. Does Mandriva use YUM? 
>> It just seems to have its own getter and installer - perhaps it is YUM 
>> with it's badge torn off.
> Mandriva uses urpmi, not yum. You might find this useful:
> http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Urpmi
You know - that clears up another mystery. I had sort of learned by 
osmosis that urpmi was a console command but it never worked for me. Now 
I learn that it is the name of the application - Doh!.

Some of us are still learning well into retirement. Thanks for that.


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