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J D Freeman klug at quixotic.org.uk
Wed Dec 17 17:06:35 UTC 2008

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On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 04:51:28PM -0000, Oliver Marks wrote:
> Suprised no one has mentioned dell, any reason ?

Personally I wouldn't touch a dell with a barge poll.

I find their products to be poorly made plasticly crrrp. That whilst
having a low cost at point of sale, don't provide the level of
reliability and performance I expect. This applies across their full

However, YMMV.

> especially as it comes with ubuntu pre-installed so you know the
> hardware will work, and it also helps show there is demand for pre
> installed desktop linux.

True, but then How hard is it to install ubuntu these days?

> I dont have personal experinece with dell or thinkpads, i have a acer
> c371 and a old powernote book which ubuntu runs fine on both.

Given the range of laptops out there I would recommend:

IBM/Lenevo Thinkpad
Panasonic Toughbook
GRID Laptops.

Abit of googling should tell you why. 

When after a laptop, I want something portable, something I can take
anywhere. a 15" behemoth from the likes of dell, doesn't cut it.
Something you have to wrap in cotton wool to be sure it can survive the
commute to work is also not worth it. Whilst some of the ones listed
above are not exactly the smallest and most compact devices ever, they
are resilient. The second two may also not be quite what your average
user is looking for...

Personally tho, my biggest gripe with every laptop on the market is one
of battery life. I want a laptop I can use for the entire of the jouney
from amsterdam to zurich. (about 10-12 hours). Without having to play
musical batteries. 

But I digress. Sorry.

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