[Klug-general] What Laptop for Ubuntu

nic dan dungeons88 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 18:47:14 UTC 2008

I want a laptop I can use for the entire of the jouney
from amsterdam to zurich. (about 10-12 hours). Without having to play
musical batteries. 

I've heard the EEEPC can do this, many fellow Puppians [Puppy linux Users]
 are using them to good effect for around 10hrs, I understand
Depends what you're doing though, I'd have thought?

Aitch :)

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> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 04:51:28PM -0000, Oliver Marks wrote:
> > Suprised no one has mentioned dell, any reason ?
> Personally I wouldn't touch a dell with a barge poll.
> I find their products to be poorly made plasticly crrrp. That whilst
> having a low cost at point of sale, don't provide the level of
> reliability and performance I expect. This applies across their full
> range.
> However, YMMV.
> > especially as it comes with ubuntu pre-installed so you know the
> > hardware will work, and it also helps show there is demand for pre
> > installed desktop linux.
> True, but then How hard is it to install ubuntu these days?
> > I dont have personal experinece with dell or thinkpads, i have a acer
> > c371 and a old powernote book which ubuntu runs fine on both.
> Given the range of laptops out there I would recommend:
> IBM/Lenevo Thinkpad
> Panasonic Toughbook
> GRID Laptops.
> Abit of googling should tell you why. 
> When after a laptop, I want something portable, something I can take
> anywhere. a 15" behemoth from the likes of dell, doesn't cut it.
> Something you have to wrap in cotton wool to be sure it can survive the
> commute to work is also not worth it. Whilst some of the ones listed
> above are not exactly the smallest and most compact devices ever, they
> are resilient. The second two may also not be quite what your average
> user is looking for...
> Personally tho, my biggest gripe with every laptop on the market is one
> of battery life. I want a laptop I can use for the entire of the jouney
> from amsterdam to zurich. (about 10-12 hours). Without having to play
> musical batteries. 
> But I digress. Sorry.
> J
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