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chris jeffries chris at floatingworks.co.uk
Tue Dec 23 09:12:18 UTC 2008

Peter Childs wrote:
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> I have a Linux Box which has Myth Running on it, Its got quite a few
> annoyances, and the we is very little help at sorting this out......
> 1. It crashes quite regularly due to having a very badly supported TV
> tuner card, can't do much about that.(Apart from getting a better
> tuner card)
> 2. Myth will not play DVDs although Kaffine, xine and anything else
> will quite happily, Myth just gives a blank screen..... and you can't
> even return to the main menu, in-short Myth crashes. (Logging out
> works quite well)
> 3. I have a my mp3 collection on it, Would prefer the indexing to work
> by Album rather than by artist as it splits up most of my CDs due to
> them being compilations, To me artist means very little more type and
> album. Again myth does not seam to have a setting for this...... I'd
> like all the kids tracks together etc etc etc
> Otherwise its great
> Peter
> I'm hoping someone can help with this after such a such a good talk on
> myth a few months back......
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I tried mythtv on hardy, after Karls excellent talk in ashford (belated 
thanks for that) ,  I used the parker1 website he recommended to check 
for a well supported tv card and decided on the Nova-T 500 dual.  At the 
time I think it cost around £55, plus a call from the tv licensing 
crew.  It worked perfectly right from the word go. and its yet to crash.

I haven't had any problems with dvd playback, so can't help you much 
with that.

I don't use mythtv for the music so not much help with that one either.

mythtv, combined with mythweb and a mythtvfrontend on my eeepc has 
changed the way I use the telly. The only slight problem I have run into 
is with the remote and lirc, which I need to spend a bit of time on.


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