[Klug-general] Help with Myth

Paul Littlefield paul.littlefield at bigfoot.com
Mon Dec 29 13:26:29 UTC 2008

On 28/12/08 Paul Littlefield wrote:
> 1. Every few days, I cannot watch TV. It loses the signal completely and cannot lock onto any channel. The error goes something like "You should have got a signal lock by now, you can wait or change input". I have tried (a) waiting, (b) restarting the backend and (c) rebooting. Only a reboot fixes it.

To try and fix this I have done the following:-

a) Purchased some better quality cables and a signal booster. This has improved the signal strength from around 63% to 80%.

b) Deleted all the channels and rescanned again - on both tuners.

c) Set up a cron job to reboot the machine at 6am every day... possible overkill.

> 2. Cannot play or rip DVDs. /var/log/syslog says "I/O error".

It turns out that DVD playback support is not enabled by default. It just requires some extra plug-ins and tweaking (which I cannot do at the moment without broadband).

To be honest, I have not tried ripping a DVD (because of playback issues) but my friend Gavin has successfully managed to copy a DVD to his Mythbox and then playing from the hard drive. I will try this tonight.

> 3. Haven't got a server <---> client system working yet. It finds the MySQL Database on the server, but will not stream any live TV or recordings!

After more playing on my laptop, I have had some some success with this now. The MythTV Frontend still does not work across the network, but the MythWeb pages work and allow me to play recordings. It uses the VLC media player to show the .asx streamed versions of the recordings.

I tried this first on a wired setup which was faultless, and then wireless which was a little choppy on the video at full screen but audio was fine. At a smaller window size it was perfect again.

This was using the Mythbuntu CD in Live mode, and without configuring the restricted nVidia drivers for my laptop, so I will take the plunge and do a dual-boot install tonight alongside Gentoo... or maybe see if I can install MythTV frontend _in_ Gentoo.



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