[Klug-general] Help with Myth

Karl Buckland karl at digital-end.com
Wed Dec 31 16:29:36 UTC 2008

2008/12/28 Paul Littlefield <paul.littlefield at bigfoot.com>

> 1. Every few days, I cannot watch TV. It loses the signal completely and
> cannot lock onto any channel. The error goes something like "You should have
> got a signal lock by now, you can wait or change input". I have tried (a)
> waiting, (b) restarting the backend and (c) rebooting. Only a reboot fixes
> it.

Sorry for the late reply... This problem could be caused by the EIT (Event
Information Table - basically the TV listings) being picked up from your
digital TV in Myth. I had the same issue where the scanning caused my TV
card to lock up and only unloading and reloading the modules (or rebooting)
would fix the issue.  You can tell if this is the problem by disabling the
EIT scanning in the MythTV setup. parker1.co.uk details how to use XMLTV to
get the TV listings instead.

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