[Klug-general] Help with Myth

Karl Buckland karl at digital-end.com
Fri Dec 19 11:23:54 UTC 2008

2008/12/17 Peter Childs <pchilds at bcs.org>
> 1. It crashes quite regularly due to having a very badly supported TV
> tuner card, can't do much about that.(Apart from getting a better
> tuner card)

I always recommend checking the hardware compatibility list on the MythTV
website. Unsupported hardware can make your  installation a complete and
utter pain.
> 2. Myth will not play DVDs although Kaffine, xine and anything else
> will quite happily, Myth just gives a blank screen..... and you can't
> even return to the main menu, in-short Myth crashes. (Logging out
> works quite well)

I don't use MythTV for playing DVD's, but I believe Spode does. When I've
tested it previously I've not encountered any issues. Although I have
noticed Spode's setup sometimes not work and require a restart with DVDs.

> 3. I have a my mp3 collection on it, Would prefer the indexing to work
> by Album rather than by artist as it splits up most of my CDs due to
> them being compilations, To me artist means very little more type and
> album. Again myth does not seam to have a setting for this...... I'd
> like all the kids tracks together etc etc etc

I would also not recommend mythmusic - it's crap IMO. Give Boxee a go
(another media player) - it's video and music abilities are far ahead of
Myth's IMO. And the developer's may turn it into a MythTV client soon too...

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