[Klug-general] In-home (Ashford, Kent area) help wanted to install Fedora on home workstation.

Colin & Glenda crlb at telus.net
Sun Nov 2 03:30:01 UTC 2008

Hello Colin, Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly. Let me 
give you a little background:

   Three years ago, on a visit to the UK from Canada, I helped my sister 
(non-techie) to install FC4 on her home computer. It has been working 
very well for her since that time, but now an upgrade is long overdue. I 
would like to install F9 (or possibly F10 when it is available) on her 
machine, but if I attempt this remotely (8000 miles), I will probably 
render the machine unusable by her and me.

   The following is what we need done:

  1. Insert a new hard drive as primary, the existing as slave.
  2. Install F9 (workstation, gnome desktop). Default partitioning is
     fine, but need to have a unique volume group name , so that we can
     mount old filesystem once the re-install is complete.
  3. Re-establish existing network access.
  4. Redefine existing users, ssh config, and single root crontab entry.
  5. We should be able to do the rest.

  Let me know if you would be willing to help. I would be so grateful. 
Mike Evans also responded and I will be sending him a similar note.
Thanks once again. Regards, Colin.

Colin McCarthy wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 10:27 PM, Colin & Glenda <crlb at telus.net 
> <mailto:crlb at telus.net>> wrote:
>     If you are willing to help and would like more information, please
>     contact me directly at crlb at telus.net <mailto:crlb at telus.net>.
>     Thank you.
> Welcome to KLUG Colin and Glenda.
> I take it you are both new to Linux and attempting your first 
> installation.  Are you planing on dual booting your computer with 
> Fedora and a Windows OS, or are you just going to use Fedora?
> We have a meeting on Saturday 29th November in Maidstone, so maybe if 
> you could bring your computer along and someone there would be able to 
> help you install Fedora.
> Colin
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