[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

Mike Evans mike at tandem.f9.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 11:37:55 UTC 2008

rich-ayres at tiscali.co.uk wrote:

> I hope that clear instructions on how to get to the proposed meeting 
> will be available, as abortive trips to Maidstone is an outlay  that my 
> limited budget can ill afford.
> regards Rich 
  From Colin's email of 30 Oct:

The location is;

Maplesden Noakes School
Buckland Hill, Buckland Road
Kent ME16 0TJ

For the weekend meetings Colin usually has some laminated Tux logos and 
arrows to put up to help you find your way so long as you can locate the 
postcode.  To locate the postcode I would, sadly, recommend using 
StreetMap rather than OpenStreetMap, as the latter seems to be rather 
unreliable (actually complete rubbish) with postcode locations.


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