[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 11:49:57 UTC 2008

Mike Evans wrote:
> George Prowse wrote:
>> Mike Evans wrote:
>>> ####################
>>> 1) Respond to this email to say you want to participate in
>>>    a) mapping/data-gathering 14:00 to 16:00
>>>    b) drinking/data-recording 16:00-18:00
>>>    c) eating 18:00 onwards
>>> or any combination of the above
>>> Mike
>> I'd love to come and meet up with everyone for a curry afterwards but I 
>> dont live in Maidstone and i'm not really the walking type :)
>> Could those who just want to come to have a curry and chat to everyone 
>> meet after?
>> George
> By "or any combination of the above" I guess I mean any one or more of 
> the above - in other words, yes of course feel free to join for a curry. 
>   You'd have to amuse yourself for a few hours between the end of the 
> main LUG meeting and whenever we get together.  Maidstone does have a 
> small but interesting museum. (See 
> http://www.kentpotters.co.uk/articles/MaidstoneMus/index.html although 
> that article is only about part of their ceramics collection which is of 
> particular interest to me.)
> Oh don't worry, I know maidstone well :)

The best Indian is on London Road btw, literattly just as you turn on to 
it from Rocky Hill

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