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J D Freeman klug at quixotic.org.uk
Sun Nov 16 15:34:38 UTC 2008

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On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 03:22:52PM +0000, Karl Lattimer wrote:
> Erm if you look back we were talking about an issue introduced when
> Microsoft released outlook with exchange. Where emails for meeting
> requests are received and then processed by the user seeing the email in
> their inbox and clicking one of 3 buttons to add the meeting request to
> the calendar. Not exactly a 47 year old problem.

Erm, then this isn't a case of "email sucks" this is a case of outlook
and exchange suck. Something I am only to happy to agree with.

> Firstly, we're not talking about natural language interfaces we're
> talking about what can be inferred or determined from the language
> people use.

Yes, but if we understood the technology well enough for that, surely it
follows that a natural language interface would be possible?

> Anyway. Please stop being so arrogant about everything. You seem to
> think you know more about everything than I do. 

I do not have that belief atall. Whilst I am happy to say there are
things I know more about than you, I am also very willing to admit that
there are areas where you knowledge dwarfs mine. I am not so arrogant as
to make the assumption that I know more than you.

> Where I stand at the minute I'm actually on the forefront of the new
> developments which are going on in the area of free desktop usability
> and user experience. We're reaffirming HCI principles in the modern
> desktop. We have buy in from many of the largest corporates in the field
> and we're making headway into the future.

Fantastic. I look forward to seeing something innovative and amazing.

All along I have merely being trying to point out that your initial
statement "email sucks" is infact very incorrect and is a disservice to
the many bright and talented minds who have worked towards producing a
system which has worked amazingly well for decades, and has reached the
point that it's very exhistance underpins our modern society.

> I suggest you take Dans advice and stop this thread. You're being
> aggressive and argumentative where as I was attempting to articulate a
> vision shared by many of the authorities in the arena.

I am merely trying to understand and discuss your vision, to understand
it. You never know, intellectual exchange like this can result in
improvement for all those involved and may be able facilitate
improvements in your vision, as well as my understanding in it. Remember
for your vision to work, it needs buy in from people like myself, people
who are often early adopters, and understand the need for things that
work well. 

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