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Morning Richard,
Have you tried fsck http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fsck



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> Hi Its Me Again
>  ( groans all round). I have somehow managed to convert two 1Gig
> memory sticks into Read Only Filing system devices. Both appear on the
> desktop and can be opened one appears to be empty while the other
> contains lots of files which appear to contain garbage. I have mounted
> both from the command line as su and tried chmod  0666 /media/disk to
> try to make it read/write and also tried rm /media/* to try to  clear
> it. mount with -o remount,rw also failed. Also reformatting failed as
> device is read only.  Perhaps someone could tell me what I did wrong I
> did use cfdisk on one to put ext2 fs on it. but the problem seemed to
> happen after I moved some files into folders and deleted the rest, but
> was not apparent until the nxt time I used the stick. If I've trashed
> them permanently it is nota great loss but it would be nice to know why
> it happened.
>  regards R.
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