[Klug-general] Gentoo looking for a beginner interested in kernel maintenance

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 23:04:44 UTC 2008

I thought i'd post this here because lots of linux users after a while 
wish to start working with kernels.

They are looking for the following types of people:

   - Interest in kernel stuff, or a desire to become interested
   - Time to put towards the tasks
   - Enthusiasm to ask lots of questions rather than let stuff
     sit around
   - Basic experience with bugzilla
   - Basic kernel experience (i.e. you can compile your own)

Having knowledge of kernel internals or experience with kernel hacking
are NOT requirements because if you have time, interest and ask a lot 
questions then these will come anyway.

Being an existing Gentoo developer is not a requirement. Most of the
work is done on bugzilla and via email. This may be a good opportunity
to get involved with development and later become a Gentoo developer for 
those that are interested.

for the full mail look here: 

I thought it might interest a few people because I know the head Gentoo 
kernel developer very well and he is an extremely supportive person and 
is very well respeted around the kernel community (plus he's only about 
19 or 20 and been doing it for years) so if there is any way to start 
this is the ideal opportunity.


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