[Klug-general] Messing with routers in ignorance

Fish goldfish654 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 14:59:13 UTC 2009

2009/12/10 Michael E. Rentell <michael.rentell at ntlworld.com>:
> Questions:
> 1.      Can you daisy-chain wireless routers?

Yes, but maybe not the way you're doing it.

If you want to use the second one as a simple switch (sounds like it)
then connect one PC to it alone, do a factory reset (see later) and
then get into the config, turn off as much crap as you can (DHCP,
wireless, the broadband connection if you can).  Give it an IP that
won't conflict with anything (and the first DHCP server won't give

If you like you could make it a wireless access point to increase the
range.  If you want.

Though, if you have the money, just get a switch.  It's a lot easier.

> 2.      How can I reinstate the default settings on the second (brand new!)
> router to make it useful to someone?

Get the manual, and perform a factory reset.  It usually involves
pushing a little inset button on the back of the unit, sometimes in a
cryptic sequence.  The Manual should have all the answers.

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