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Sat Dec 19 16:17:58 UTC 2009

> Journey from Dover to Charing yesterday was the quickest in months with
> very little on the roads, no snow until around Ashford. M20/J9 things
> started getting interesting. Charing was a bit messed up. People from
> Maidstone way did not get in, someone from Aylesford took several hours
> to get in. On from Appledore took thre hours. Snow started at 2pm quite
> heavy.
> Journey home was much the same but got stuck outside Dover for half an
> hour due to overturned lorry. Heavy snow even in central Dover over
> night. Deal I hear was badly hit, Whitfield stuck in a blizzard.
> Dover has been grid locked (went out this morning and just now - nothing
> moving) all day due to the port of Calais being shut. Can't get out of
> the street as nothing moving on any of the roads, plus power cuts across
> half of the town, we're not affected but traffic lights are.
> Supposed to be in Tonbridge today but no chance. Got a gig there
> tomorrow night and I'm suspecting that might not happen either (the
> group will be on their way from a gig in Birmingham tonight).
> So today, went to the shops, had a snow ball fight  with my boy and just
> got back from a family snow ball fight.
> Kev,
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Here on the edge of the marsh we have had very little snow. Went to a Quiz
on Thursday at Dungeness fearing the worst but only a few flakes in the
wind_when we left at 11pm. About 25mm overnight and Friday morningthen
nothing - quite icy though. Not surprised about Charing used to live near
there It was not so much Charing as Lenham that bore the brunt with huge
drifts when the winds were right (or wrong!) I worked at Marleys for a
while and often could not get to work.
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