[Klug-general] secure file sharing

AllenJB allen at allenjb.me.uk
Tue Dec 29 12:15:54 UTC 2009


I'd stick a linux box on the network, mount the Windows filesystems onto
the linux box, then setup sftp / scp access (ie. an ssh account), which
can be easily accessed using common ftp clients such as filezilla.
Secure the SSH accounts with key only access. You can easily cope with a
dynamic IP on your internet connection using a service such as dyndns
(free, or pay a small fee to have it never expire).

You'll need to know how to forward the SSH port from your internet
router to your linux box (SSH runs on port 80 by default, tho I'd
recommend changing this as it drastically reduces random brute-force
login attempts). Consult your routers manual or tell us what your router
is for instructions.

Alternatively, you could set up a VPS (Virtual Private Server -
basically a server without any real hardware to worry about - I use
bitfolk.com for mine, tho you may want to shop around for good deals on
disk space if file sharing is your primary usage) with SFTP access (or
some other secure file sharing arrangement - you can probably get
webapps that clone dropbox style sites). The downside of this method is
that you need to know what files you want in advance (or have someone on
the other end upload them).


Evan Ingram wrote:
> hi all
> i need a way of sharing files between 2 people who will most of the time
> be out using laptops, but will occasionally need access to the files
> from desktop machines. they're going to be using a variety of windows
> flavours.
> i've been using dropbox.com for my own use and i quite like it. it just
> works and is pretty slick. my friends however don't want to use dropbox
> because they dont want to feel like their files are out of their
> control, they're going to be dealing with some quite sensitive data. 
> can anyone recommend the best methods or ways in which i should
> definitely *not* do it?
> cheers

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