[Klug-general] Alan Turing Pardon Petition

dan attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 1 10:37:27 UTC 2009

> Also just to be clear does the embargo on signing up to things also  
> include Linux advocacy activities?  How about getting someone to sign  
> up to a sale, i.e. selling things like laptops?  Many of the replies  
> to the recent thread about ISPs contained recommendations made could  
> be considered 'encouraging someone to signup for a contract with a new  
> ISP'...
You probably should have created a new message rather then replying to 
another one - but lesson learnt and lifes to short to worry about it

As a general rules postings for linux advocacy, selling things etc is 
fine so long- if in doubt ask an admin.
> >>I wasn't aware that there was a posting on the site, was it trawled  
> >>from my Twitter or RSS feed because I certainly didn't post it there?
It would have come from your twitter feed and also would have cycled 
away again pretty fast as the site only shows 3 tweets on the frontpage 
at a time

Out of interest if you do suceed in getting a pardon for Turing, what 
then? Who else do we then need to appologise to?
 I sometimes feel it seems fruitless making people apologise for the 
past, you can't change the past only learn from it and hope it doesn't 
happen again

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