[Klug-general] facebook group?

dan attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 22 08:38:23 UTC 2009

> Last I heard the website was editable by anyone registered to do so. 
> Dan A 'administers' it currenfile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/daniel%20attwood/Desktop/GIMPshop.lnk <cid:part1.06000300.08000600 at googlemail.com>tly but there is nothing stopping anyone 
> contributing.  However...  Big But coming up: I for one value 
> simplicity, brevity and content over rant and confusion so I would ask 
> that anyone contributing to the site do so in the house style and in a 
> way which is positive, factual and encouraging to newer and 
> inexperienced users.  Anyone who wants a site to rant on should set up 
> their own!  Rant over :)
This is indeed the case that the site is designed to be editable by 
anyone. In fairness though everything at the moment comes through colin, 
nathan and myself. If there were valid events, photos etc that you want 
added to the site then this can be arranged.

Last night I discussed  putting up a how to / articles section  last 
night and I'm going to make this happen. Registered members will get 
access to a create article link from which  they will be able to post 
their articles. However initially  this  will only be on a trial basis 
and all articles will go through a moderation queue.  We'll be using 
Mikes 'simplicity, brevity and content over rant and confusion' as a 
guidline for submissions.

Can I also draw your attention to the Planet Klug link in the right hand 
column . This provides an RSS planer style feed of members blogs which 
you can subscribe to. Members who wish to take part need to set up their 
blog details by clicking on 'My account' and then the planet feeds tab. 
The idea of this was to save people to effort to posting their articles 
in two places - although looking at it today the main page needs a 
little css love and the feed is playing up. I'll look into this and get 
it fixed.


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