[Klug-general] Website Hosting Advise

Peter Childs PChilds at bcs.org.uk
Wed Sep 23 10:27:14 UTC 2009

2009/9/23 Karl Buckland <karl at digital-end.com>:
> Hi Peter,
> Your advice seems a little bit sparse and confusing.
> Do you want to develop the website in house, or simply host it in
> house? I would suggest that if your website needs to be available 24x7
> and downtime will cost you, then you will probably not be able to beat
> 1&1's (or most cheap hosts for that matter) virtual server or
> dedicated server costs in house. If you don't mind some downtime and
> the website is expected to shift very little traffic then you may be
> able to get away with it.

Either and or both, I would prefer to be able to run a PostgreSQL
database as I can't stand MySql and can't get my head round it..... So
I might need to look at getting a virtual server, or hosting the
database in-house.

> Where does VoIP come into your hosting situation?

I want to add an srv record so that we can accept direct SIP calls.
(or at least that what I think I need to do)

> Karl
> 2009/9/23 Peter Childs <pchilds at bcs.org>:
>> I'm looking for some advise on Developing, Hosting and Running a
>> Dynamic Website.
>> I'm thinking we currently have the wrong tools for the wrong job and
>> are paying too much for them.
>> I've even been asked, "Can we run it in-house"
>> Currently we have 3 domain names and are using 1and1. but I need more
>> control of the DNS entry than they give by default.
>> I would like to be able use VoIP eventually.
>> Oh if you anyone can suggest someone to help that might be helpful too.
>> Peter.
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