[Klug-general] Baffled by Kubuntu networking

Michael E. Rentell michael.rentell at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 3 12:20:22 UTC 2010

Dan Attwood wrote:
>     The problem with both Ubuntu and Kubuntu is that I can see no
>     simple gui
>     way of setting up NFS. There doesn't seem to be a tool to identify the
>     nfs servers on the network and to mount them to files on the main PC.
>     That and no way of using my scanner.
>     Until these things are solved simply I think I will be giving
>     ubuntu and
>     kubuntu a miss.
>     MikeR
> hey whatever works for you! those wizards in mandriva 
> are certainly good and i'm surprised it's something that ubuntu hasn't 
> tried to implement a version of. 
> As for NFS and ubuntu you probably need to bear in mind that most 
> ubuntu users will probably be using samba for their network shares - 
> this is very much built into ubuntu.  You just right click a folder 
> select share folder and set permissions. If you haven't already got 
> samba installed then ubuntu will prompt you to install it. You can 
> then browse network shares via the places menu. This is a process very 
> similar to another popular operating system.  
Wise words. But I didn't know that - hence the misery. But I had always 
steered clear of samba. It struck me as a linux fudge (a good one I'm 
told) of a rotten Redmond network filing system. nfs works for me. I 
taught myself from Mandrake/driva.

I've been tied up for so long (well several days) trying to put this all 
back to rights that I now have a list of unanswered emails a yardanarf 
long (1.3716m for those of lesser years).

So I'll give it all a miss and carry on with my recovered system until 
the upgrade bug bites again.
Many thanks to all for excellent advice.

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