[Klug-general] Faversham LUG anyone?

Mike Evans mike at tandem.f9.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 15:44:42 UTC 2010

One approach you might take is to offer installation for anyone with an 
"old" laptop or desktop that they are thinking of throwing out because 
it won't take the latest version of Windows or is "Slowing down to a 
crawl must be wearing out".  My barber is thinking of doing this because 
there "must be something wrong with his hard disk because the machine 
takes ages to respond now"  When I asked him if he ever got reports of 
errors from his hard disk he says "no".  But they guy in the computer 
shop says he needs a new machine...  So I said yeah, go ahead and get 
the new machine, and get a copy of Linux and put it on your old one and 
have a play - you never know you might like it and it hasn't cost you 
anything.  Maybe the kids can use it.  Converts += 1

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