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Jake Rayson subs at growdigital.net
Wed Feb 17 18:30:04 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-17 at 15:36 +0000, Karl Buckland wrote:
> Jake, I may be able to come along to one of the sessions and lend a
> hand. It'll be interesting to see how you do things and if I can give
> anyone some guidance when they're starting out then that would be
> great. Obviously if you can keep us updated with how many people you
> have attending (beginners, that is) that would be great.

Thank you Karl, much appreciated. As I said before, I've booked a room
for an initial meeting on 1st April (!) 7pm-9pm to introduce the idea
and to hopefully introduce new & experienced users to each other.

cheers, Jake

> Karl
> On 17 February 2010 15:21, Dan Attwood <danattwood at googlemail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> By charging them for support? Why not just organise a car pool to the
> >> usual meets?
> >>
> > You're missing the point
> > What Jake is working on is a short introduction course to linux. Regular
> > sessions to cover the basic needs of a user either switch from windows to
> > linux or with very little computer experience to begin with. These are not
> > aimed at uber geeks or power users of either linux or windows. Think ECDL
> > but with a Linux slant.
> > The usual klug meets probably aren't the right place for this. Talks on xen,
> > hackable laptops and ebook formats are way over the head of users who just
> > what to check their email and play a movie.  IMHO mailing lists and IRC are
> > also pretty useless for this kind of user (I think their are several lurkers
> > on this list who will agree with me). It's a different target audience and
> > one that is growing thanks to the exposure of distros like ubuntu and mint,
> > and due to the popularity of netbooks.
> > If further down the line klug gets some more members as a result of this
> > then even better and certainly klug will try to support and help out were
> > possible.
> > Jake is charging to cover the room hire as finding suitable free places to
> > meet is incredibly hard. Anyone who has actually tried to find a room for
> > klug will agree with this.
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