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Antonio Mendoza Mendoza agmendozam at yahoo.es
Thu Feb 18 20:51:21 UTC 2010

I have a in-house surveillance system using standard usb webcams and running Yawcam (in Windows -sorry-) o Camorama (in Linux)
They allow you to save on hard disk, streaming or FTP

Hope it helps.
Antonio - Whitstable
PS: Don't know why but I sent this e-mail a couple of days ago and never got posted :(

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Hi all
Work are looking to monitor a couple of animal labs (teaching labs with fluffy bunnies - not smoking beagles and monkey head transplants). Ideally the system would have 4 small wireless cameras with night vision and allow all the streams to be viewed over the web so that students can see what goes on at night. At the same time the cameras would allow their streams to be recorded so that they could be played back in lectures.

Does anyone know of a product that can do this? OSS would be nice but not a necessity. 

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