[Klug-general] Linux weather station!

Hubertus A. Haniel hubba at unixcook.com
Sat Feb 20 11:59:58 UTC 2010

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> Just wondering whether anyone has any practical experience of running
> a Linux-based weather station?
> Long story, but after years of neglect I've decided that it's time I
> made progress with my garden.. and being a geek I've decided that a
> weather station that sends me frost alerts etc is the only way to
> progress!  I've already got CAT5 laid to the end of the garden and a
> spare machine ear-marked for the job.  One day I may even tackle the
> weeds/jungle/nature reserve...
> I quite like the WSI-603 1-wire Weather Station Kit[1] and will look
> into modifying wview[2] or OWW[3] to work with it.  Over time I'd
> quite like to add a range of home-brew sensors including rain[4],
> humidity, pressure and various stats on the state of the soil.
> However, as much as I like attempting to build electronic circuits, I
> seem to possess a massive static charge and can kill an IC from the
> other side of the room even wearing an earth strap.  Also toying with
> the idea of expanding my current X10 infrastructure to facilitate
> automatic irrigation[5], but I suspect a watering can will prove more
> effective!
> Anyone tried this sort of set up or similar?  Any pitfalls?  Any
> advice on home-brew sensors and connecting them up?  Anyone used the
> 1-wire protocol under Linux?
> Many thanks! :)
> Ben

I have a Oregon Scientific Weather Station hooked up to my linux box - 
all the sensors around the house and garden are wireless:

Best regards

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