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Thu Apr 12 18:24:55 UTC 2012

I have yet to attend an event of the group yet, but I'll happily donate
towards a venue if required. Best of luck to you Kevin.


On 12 April 2012 19:05, Kevin Groves <
kgroves at ksoft-electrical-projects.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Because the LUG looked in imminent collapse with Colin and Dan unable to
> spare time I suggested that I take back control while we resolve it's
> future. They both agree and suggest I post this message of hand over.
> First thanks to both of them I know its hard work and hopefully we can all
> sort this out.
> For much of this year I'm extremely busy myself so while I try and
> rearrange things I suggest these points for discussion/consideration:
> 1. Monthly meets seem to have variable numbers turn up. I suggest we
> change to quarterly, this way there is ample time to plan, discuss and
> arrange what we want to do, have enough material that can be advertised in
> advance so people can decide if they want to come and so we don't have to
> spend too much time trying to get things done.
> 2. To aid the above I suggest a formal group with responsibly to arrange
> the events. I know this has been done before and had mixed results. I don't
> have time to mess around so I will happily drive this along so long as
> others are prepared to commit to it too. If anyone is already acting in
> this regard or involved with the various websites etc then contact me
> off-list so I know.
> 3. Funding. I don't want members to pay subs. I want to make that clear.
> It is however a difficult subject and here I have an idea, one that sort of
> helped when I first set the LUG up. Originally we had to pay subs, I paid
> them so we could help share the costs of the room hire, they weren't much
> but along side my private business activities I was able to recoup those
> costs quite quickly. My suggestion is we either take sponsorship and/or
> create an income through some kind of (very) basic consultancy/support
> work, perhaps taking some kind of small percentage into the LUG the rest
> going to the person doing the work. I have a few possibilities already
> regarding sponsorship but I can't discuss them right now. Exact details we
> can sort out as its only an idea, I have a number of VAT registered
> companies and I'm an qualified book keeper, plus my wife is treasurer to a
> charity, I don't think the admin is going to be a problem. The work will be
> but might be. Will worry about that bit later. I think this could be an
> option, again its only an idea as a way to get around the need for subs,
> although the need for income depends on the next point.
> 4. Venues. I've not been for a while, so if you have a venue you are
> currently aiding the LUG with and/or you have one you want the LUG to use
> then please contact me off-list so we can discuss.
> Of course all of the above are just my initial thoughts likewise with me
> back leading.
> I hope we can get this LUG reinvigorated with some new ideas and take it
> to new places. On the 22nd I have a bit of time to focus on the LUG so if I
> can have any responses over the next week so I can take these into account
> that weekend. I should then have something back on here sometime the
> following week.
> Thank you and as always I will listen to any comments with an open mind.
> Kev,
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