[Klug-general] Reorganisation

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-electrical-projects.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 18:59:57 UTC 2012

The easy part will be keeping the list of course for general Linux 
related items plus if any Linux or open source related news, other 
groups and events that might interest everyone.

The harder part, and this is not new either, but some of the solutions 
could be. Some of you may recall the meetings where there has been 
organised talks, in particular the ones at the Maidstone school as being 
particularly successful. We've always tried to get more of this and 
there has been mixed success. I still like the idea of having two 
streams one general user based, the other more technical. for each meet 
I'm suggesting we have a general theme and then run two groups side by 
side (user & technical), with 'time slots' so people can plan ahead for 
what they might want to join in. Maybe a little ambitious but with a 
good number of prearranged talks it could work.

Now the even harder part. Most of the difficulties if you can call them 
that is although people have wonderful things they would love to share, 
they may for whatever reason feel uncomfortable presenting them to a 
group. I quite understand this, I'm not a great public speaker, in fact 
I'm terrified every time I do it and I do it a lot now, usually to 
complete strangers which is far worse than a group that I know well.  
But here is a new approach, as I want this to work I'm prepared to lend 
help to anyone who has material they want to talk about put something 
together and help in anyway I can humanly do to bring their interesting 
idea or topic to everyone. Hey, if required I will even do the talking! 
I want it to work that badly. Of course if anyone would like to lend a 
hand with design, writing and presenting (I can't be the only one who 
likes to talk) then we could form a little working group to get this 
stuff done.

In regards to linking with other groups, I think our core theme of 
course should remain Linux and/or open source related, other groups fill 
more specific needs and interests so if we stay general we can then 
point people with those needs towards those other groups while still 
retaining our own identity, however, for the themed meets it would help 
all concerned to invite in presentations from any other groups so long 
as it ties in with the theme of the day.

That is what I have in mind at the moment, still more to do in actually 
arranging dates, locations and everything else. I will look at these 
points over the next week or so now.

Of course any comments, suggestions and help I will always welcome.


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