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James Blake jimmyblake at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 12:58:11 UTC 2012

Peter, this is an absolute corker.  Do you mind if I quote you names when I'm doing education sessions about automatic parsers failing?



On 5 Feb 2012, at 12:23, Peter Apps wrote:

> HI,
> I found it difficult even setting up a Facebook account. It turned out the 
> problem was because of my surname - Apps. I tried setting up a page and it was 
> removed warning me not contravene their rules again.
> I still don't know what the problem was and I was even planning an advertising 
> campaign on Facebook.
> I just found them extremely unhelpful and I used Google Ads instead. 
> Peter.
> On Sun 05 Feb 2012 11:44:38 James Morris wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Links to my
>> site on Facebook are classified as malicious by Facebook's "link shim"
>> mentioning surbl.org. Inputting my domain name into the surbl.org
>> checker says it is blacklisted and I should submit a removal request.
>> I feel really reluctant to do so. They want my contact details, full
>> address and telephone number, email headers for 'typical messages that
>> advertise my site' sent from my sites email address
>> (james at jwm-art.net) (which is subscribed to a number of development
>> lists and arts lists), and for me to add a page to my site detailing
>> my policy regarding advertising using unsolicited emails.
>> All this over http and without any mention of their privacy policy.
>> There doesn't seem to be any other way of contacting them to discuss
>> the problem without providing all this data. They have a moderated
>> 'discuss' list but my subscription request as far as I know has been
>> ignored.
>> It's making me really cross. Seems like there's nothing that can be
>> done without submitting to them.
>> Cheers,
>> James.
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