[Klug-general] Future of KLUG, an offer/idea

James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 22:16:54 UTC 2012

I find the mailing list valuable and as long as that keeps going I'm
reasonably happy. I was reading about spam policies the other day and
it was recommended as business practice for owners of (marketing)
mailing lists to post at minimum once a week to prevent people
forgetting they are subscribed to a list and reporting the business
for spam. I think there is some relevance here. It doesn't take a
great deal of effort to make a short post to draw attention to
something which interests us or to something we are working on. It
might be that a post is ignored, but it at least reminds people KLUG
exists. At best it starts a discussion and we learn about new stuff.
At worst people take things personally and argue, but you get that on
any mailing list and there hasn't been any long lasting arguments and
resentments (as far as I'm aware) on KLUG.

Regarding meetings, I'm not always motivated enough to travel to
Maidstone especially when having to get up early for it (I usually end
up on the PC late at night) so would prefer the roaming scheme but
will take what we can get.


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