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Sun Jan 18 13:41:17 UTC 2015

I've never tried it myself, but maybe Miracast/Miraclecast could do this
for you?

Also hi folks, my first post to the list :)
On 18 Jan 2015 12:25, "Paul Lawrence" <paul.z.lawrence at btinternet.com>

> Hi Group
> Some advice please.
> I've been working with a group to install a giant TV in my local church
> (12th Century and therefore the structure is highly regulated) for
> presentations/videos etc and using maybe Easyworship software to manage
> the displays. The TV is lowered and raised from the roof area as required (which
> required lots of permissions) The arrangement is based on a graphics card
> in the PC that has HDMI out. Distance from PC to TV must be at about 50m which
> we manage using a pair of HDMI over Cat5 boxes. This works pretty well.
> Fig1:
>  PC&HDMI → Convert to Ethernet → 2xCat5 → Convert to HDMI → TV
> I
> line-out
> I
> V
> sound-desk
> Enables us to play the presentation on TV and manage the sound via
> existing sound-desk and sound system.
> The Cat5 is proving unreliable (and very untidy) and we've looking at ways
> of using wifi (and currently an AppleTV box) to replicate the above.
> Fig 2:
>  iMAC/PC → wifi → Airport → wifi → Apple TV → TV
> We can use Airport router and Airparrot2 software to send to an Apple TV
> box plugged into the TV HDMI to display the video but no sound comes from
> the PC - all sound is from the TV. An alternative could be a Chrome browser
> to 'cast' the tab to a Chrome dongle but I suspect the same result.
> 1. Am I right in thinking that when using Airparrot2/Chrome browser the PC
> has no action in decoding the file merely streaming to the TV? And that is
> why we get no sound from PC. Which leads me to think we'll need to connect
> the TV to the sound desk via one of the sound input XLR points.
> 2. If we cannot repair/re-run the Cat5 .. is there a (cheap) way of
> sending HDMI over wifi?
> Thanks
> Paul
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