[Nottingham] [OT] WANTED: Wireless USB

Jon Masters nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Nov 4 15:28:01 2002

On 4 Nov 2002, Lee wrote:

> > Interesting, bring on Wednesday then if you will. It's definately 802.11B?
> >
> yeah it says...
> 2.4ghz dsss 11mbs

I want :-)

> model xi-750
> art.code wl-003
> fcc id : m4y-750
> it's by sitecom wl-003

It'll be prism2 and thus probably supported. I want :-)

We will solve the USB cable length issue by using active extension cables
- the roof is just an idea, it might turn in to an external wall. If it
goes on the roof then it's likely to get "slingshot" over with rope.

> > Many do work, or rather, the main chipsets seem to have drivers now so
> > it's worth a shot at getting it going.
> yeah, I agree.

I've not used USB wireless kit though, it just occured to me yesterday -
why was I always after PCMCIA cards when in this situation there is
actually a use for this other technology I've been avoiding (USB). btw,
the school site I mentioned before is coming on - we're bringing more
wireless nodes online soon and hope to have full coverage shortly, using
WEP and ultimately IPsec too, to ensure things are kept resonably secure.

> collector with a dish behind it... I'd go for a yagi really.
> what ant you looking at.

We were going to make pringles cans antennas but we're waiting for some
parts from London 2600 - my friend's taking care of it at the moment.
> This is Wednesday... hmm...that's a shock, that's bad.. I'm might be
> going to that computer love thing hosted by criten from red dwarf..:-)

Oh cool, where? If you make NotLUG, see you there - if not, drop me a line
off list and tell me where and when is convienient to meet you this week.