[Nottingham] [OT] WANTED: Wireless USB

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Nov 4 15:12:01 2002

> Interesting, bring on Wednesday then if you will. It's definately 802.11B?

yeah it says...
2.4ghz dsss 11mbs

model xi-750
art.code wl-003
fcc id : m4y-750

it's by sitecom wl-003

oh, I've just found an external attenna connection too..
amazing what you find when you *actually* look.

> Yup, we've got that one sorted :-)

how? ;-)/

> Many do work, or rather, the main chipsets seem to have drivers now so
> it's worth a shot at getting it going.

yeah, I agree.

> using it as a collector with a dish behind it...dunno, I think we'll try
> random things and see what happens.

collector with a dish behind it... I'd go for a yagi really.
what ant you looking at.

> I need a link between home and a friend's house down the road - the signal
> already goes quite a way without any assistance so an external antenna
> might just do it - plus with USB I don't need many feet of antenna cable.

yeah, no cable = no loss.......

> > On a side note, when the next meet, I might come along, if you all
> > promise to be very nice to me and not beat me up. ;-)
> Wednesday then, and I don't bite much, bark a alot though.

This is Wednesday... hmm...that's a shock, that's bad.. I'm might be
going to that computer love thing hosted by criten from red dwarf..:-)

looks amusing.

> Jon.
no lee actually.

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