[Nottingham] September meeting

Roger Light nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Sep 4 12:50:01 2002


>I'm going to be proactive and dictate that I turn up!  Other people
will no-
>doubt just randomly turn up without saying so first.  ;)

Well I can't make it for sure, unfortunately. However....

>We're also having a meet in Beeston /next/ month (*Wednesday 2nd
>to coincide with the start of new student year which will be about
>your house with Cat5 Ethernet cable and setting up a small network to
>broadband internet access and play QuakeIII and of course using
GNU/Linux. ;)

....I'll still stick my oar in. University of Nottingham term has only
been started a week and a bit on the 2nd. Didn't we decide that it would
be better to have a slightly later (additional?) meeting that was for
wiring and have the usual pub meet as well?