[Nottingham] Self Promotion, Consultancy

Jon Masters nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Sep 8 15:13:00 2002

[ Self promotion time. Apologies to these uninterested. ]


A brief message, just to mention that I am looking for additional
contracting work over the next twelve months. Recent undertakings have
been in Systems Administration, realtime systems work for a company
which produces NMR/MRI applications equipment and also Windows 2000 Server
environment to Debian/Samba migration...and a various other things. I have
more than six years Linux/UN*X experience, several managing Solaris.

Current contracting work includes London, Reading and the South East for
small and medium businesses as well as education. Previous work includes
the likes of Sun, technology companies, architects, and many more :-) I
hope to have a list of pre-defined "solutions" on a new website soon.