[Nottingham] Gnutella software

David nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Sep 9 16:15:00 2002

Hi chaps, I've been trying to get some gnutella clients working on my
RH7.3 box - I've tried Qtella, GTK-Gnutella and Limewire.  Limewire
wouldn't even install because I can't get java working, and the other
two worked fine but could not connect to any servers!  Any idea why?  I
tried taking down my firewall with Lokkit but it wouldn't let me... I
couldn't get the GUI for it, only the text interface,and when I selected
'No Firewall' and then 'OK' to exit the program, the next time I started
Lokkit it would be set back to 'High' security.  What is everyone else
using for Gnutella?