[nottingham] linux choice of guru's

Matthew Walton nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Sep 13 08:26:00 2002

seanie@merciless.org.uk wrote:
> Jon Masters wrote:
>>One thing there aren't so many of is UK kernel projects - but mine is
>>finally getting off the ground...it'll probably do nothing useful.
> Dave Jones and Alan Cox are both (IIRC) Welsh, and Wales is still part of the
> UK I think (not actually sure anymore)
> Close enough anyway :-)
> Or did you have something different in mind for a "UK" project?

Aaah, but just because there are _some_ UK kernel projects doesn't mean 
there are enough to satisfy Jon. Not that it matters anyway I'd think - 
if he wants to do something kernel-related, I wish him luck. It's 
certainly out of my depth! Let me stick to application-level programming 
and I'm happy, but without people hacking the kernel I wouldn't have 
anything to run my disasterous pieces of code on.

Sorry, early morning ranting there. I should finish packing I guess. 
I'll be in Nottingham at the time of the next LUG meet. Who knows, I 
might even go this time...