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Derek Huskisson derek at huskisson.free-online.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 23:57:56 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 22:18, Geoff Bagley wrote:

> I have "btopenworld",  together with the BT Voyager 100
> modem (which they supplied).  I understand that it is NOT
> Linux friendly.
There's a guide here from someone who's set up a Voyager -- I suppose
it's a 100.


> I have also bought an  eTEC  ADSL Modem/Router with
> 4 ethernet ports and USB.    I have read that this unit may
> not be a good choice for Linux.

Don't know about this one, but if its got 4 ethernet ports then perhaps
you can connect your PC to one of these and set it up that way. would be a good guess at an address to use.  

> The favoured one seems to be the Alcatel one that looks like
> a green flat fish !

 This one works well. There's easy-peasy packages in Gentoo and
Mandrake, and when I used Debian (about a year ago) it was a bit tedious
to set up, but it worked. There's probably a deb package for it now.
But if you've already got 2 ADSL modems then that's enough for one
person :)
		Derek Huskisson
Derek Huskisson <derek at huskisson.free-online.co.uk>

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