[Nottingham] ADSL

Iain Lennon ril at doctors.org.uk
Tue Dec 2 07:38:23 GMT 2003

I'm usig the D-Link wireless router + ADSL Modem. Apart from some difficulties 
setting up its integral fire wall, this seems to work with minimal 
configuration for BT openworld


On Tuesday 02 Dec 2003 00:04, Martin wrote:
> Geoff Bagley wrote:
> [...]
> > I understand that you have members of the Nottingham list
> > who have experience of ADSL and/or PPPoA.
> >
> > I have "btopenworld",  together with the BT Voyager 100
> > modem (which they supplied).  I understand that it is NOT
> > Linux friendly.
> >
> > I have also bought an  eTEC  ADSL Modem/Router with
> > 4 ethernet ports and USB.    I have read that this unit may
> > not be a good choice for Linux.
> >
> > The favoured one seems to be the Alcatel one that looks like
> > a green flat fish !
> >
> > Please may I have your experiences.  I am still stuck with
> > Windows 98 for internet use.   My Debian GNU/Linux is
> > used for everything else,  using a dual-boot set-up.
> I'm using an ADSL modem-router via ethernet with the greatest of ease.
> The hardest part was setting the modem settings to use BT's unique ATM
> settings. These are visible from the Windoze properties for the link.
> You should be able to easily communicate with your modem via ethernet.
> It is then just a case of setting Linux to use your modem's IP address
> as a gateway, and configuring the modem for your bit of BT.
> Note: An ethernet interface is very easy and reliable compared to using
> USB. Well worth a £6 NIC and £2 cable if you've got a spare PCI slot.
> Good luck,
> Martin

Iain Lennon
SpR Emergency Medicine
Mid Trent Rotation

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