[Nottingham] Forthcoming attractions

James Duncan james_duncan8181 at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 12 10:06:23 GMT 2003

Since we have had the debate about RevOS I thought I would stick up the 
list of pencilled in stuff to do to see what we can firm up.  This is 
all at an early stage so feel free to suggest stuff or tell me about the 
things I forgot to write down ;).

An introduction to bash scripting
Breaking and securing a server
Stuff in KDE 3.2 and in the future
Why C++ is better then your favorite language
Wireless networking
Where Mandrake is going (?)
* this is also very open to people who want to educate/show off.

Perl for beginners
* other stuff people want to do - was thinking it would be quite cool to 
be able to swap skills.

Other Stuff
Revolution OS
LAN party
Beers and nibbles


James Duncan

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