[Nottingham] Revolution OS (again)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 23:56:51 GMT 2003

Martin wrote:
> Ok... That makes the tentative promise of two DVDs... Hopefully one will 
> come through.
> Considering all the partyings up to Christmas, I think Mon 22/12/03 is 
> the last chance for this year, otherwise early Jan 04.
> OK: A CFV:
> All those in favour of Mon 22/12/03 vote "A";
> All those in favour of Mon 05/01/04 vote "B";
> Or any other suggestions, vote "C";
> Close of votes is Sat evening tomorrow.

Que Monty Python music...
Dramatic long-legged qawky entrance by John Cleese...
Even more dramatic confrontational slow turn to full bore steely 
stare... And...

*RIGHT* !!!

In due consideration of the overwhelmingly posive 100% positive response 
of... Just /ONE/ of you scumbags...

I propose option B to avoid the Christmas rush and such and so forth...


*RevolutionOS at the Broadway Business Centre on Mon 05/01/04*

Those two of you with the DVD's: Your disks will be needed.

(And there's also Duncan's Christmas nosh this Wed 17/12/03.)

Err... Can the dates be webbed up please Duncan?

See whomever Wednesday.

Merry Christmas all,


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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