[Nottingham] The Vole seeks help !

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Fri Dec 19 19:45:32 GMT 2003

One way to find out... Tell him that you will gladly help, if he gets
Microsoft to acknowledge in public that the Linux community has personally
helped Microsoft even though they are a competitor. Meanwhile, spread the
word through the press they're afraid and are secretly asking for help...
The tabloids will love it ;)

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Matthew Walster
Loughborough University, UK

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| Hi all.
| I am a member of the Malvern LUG.
| On our mailing list  we just got a plea from Microsoft !
| Their "program manager for networks group" would
| like to know how Microsoft can improve their OS !
| His name is (allegedly) Michael Surkam.   Is this a hoax ?
| Best regards.
| Geoff.
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