[Nottingham] The Vole seeks help !

Godfrey Nix godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Sat Dec 20 01:45:04 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 22:04, Michael Simms wrote:
> I'd check the headers of the mail, and assume it is false.
> Points to consider being:
> 1 ) Why would Micro$oft publicly ask Linux for help. If they need
> something they buy it. For instance they would buy Red Hat with pocket
> change. They do have more money than god. Asking for help would be a PR
> nightmare.
> 2 ) Why would they ask a small LUG in the UK, when they could talk to
> something like BALUG in california which has literally hundreds of
> active members.

As listmaster for Nottingham-lug, I have received one also. I guess that
the sender has contacted most if not all the UK LUGs.

And judging by the full headers, it has indeed come from Redmond.

The request is for Linux users to fill in a survey. Obviously they feel
that Linux users are more technically savvy than are users of Windows.


Godfrey Nix

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