[Nottingham] C++ editor/compiler for Linux

Paul Sladen nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 3 16:12:02 2003

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Martin Waryniak wrote:

Hello Martin,

> just wondering if anybody can recommend a good (free)

The majority of software that people tend to use for developing on GNU/Linux
and the BSD's is Free Software and is quite often free-as-in-cost aswell,
however that is secondary to the Freedom aspect.

> C++ editor

I'm going to say ``Emacs?'', since then I know at least people will pipe up
with alternatives.

> and compiler,

GCC of course--The GNU Compiler Collection.  This is probably the most
prolific compiler out there supporting lots and lots of languages out there
(including C and C++!).  This is the compiler used to build the Linux Kernel
and virtually everything else on a GNU/Linux system (and virtually
everything else on every other non-Microsoft operating system aswell.... :)

On x86, there is also Intel's proprietary [commercial] compiler, Borland's
Kylix (although that might be using GCC on the back end on Linux?) and
Metrowerks, I think.

I would have though all of them are going to *bring* you problems over gcc,
rather than solving any--and neither are they [fF]ree Software.

> preferably both in one program.

This is not the Unix way of doing things.  The Unix way of doing things is
about building very [very] good programs, to do a particular task.  Those
people who are good at writing Compilers are not necessarily good at writing
interactive Editors and vis-versa.

(Exception made for Richard Stallman who started GNU Emacs *and* GCC! ;-).

You will normally find that an IDE (Integrated Development Environment),
--which is I think perhaps what you're asking for--actually calls the
compiler and debugger in the background, without you knowing about it.

> I have been using emacs and g++

The Emacs C++ and compile modes are really very extensive;  if you find the
name of the functions and learn the key-bindings you can do everything you
want from within Emacs.  Emacs was *made* for coding.  Here's an example:

  M-x compile

Then you can jump through any errors that the compile will have picked up,
easy as pie.

> but i wondered if there is program that does both in one package.

If you're wanting an non-Emacs IDE there are plenty.  `Eclipse' is the one
I've heard most references to--unfortunately it seems to have eclipsed from
my mind any, others I might have heard of--try the freshmeat section:

  Topic / Text Editors / Integrated Development Environments (IDE)


Hope that helps,

Nottingham, GB