[Nottingham] Re: February

Andy Davidson nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 4 14:09:01 2003

On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 08:08:06PM +0000, Marcel Taylor wrote:
 > >12.50 (+1.00 for OHP) for the night.  I paid the last two meetings there 
 > >but obvioulsy don't want to keep doing this indefinitely.  How should we 
 > >as a LUG handle the issue of contributions and money ?
 >   Marcel: How about, the costs are paid by whoever turns up? e.g. ?12.50, 
 >   10 people at     the meeting, each pays ?1.25.

You could get around this with a little imagination.  No, I don't mean
by creative accounting, or inventing money (a la Enron), but selling
Linux distributions on CD to the public at large ?  Or collaborating
some efforts into a book which could be sold ?  If you only need to
raise 150 pounds to pay for the year's hall subscription then there's
everything to gain from a litle entrepreneurial thinking.

When it comes to venues, have you exhausted free options yet ?  Have the
student population of the list checked to see whether a room in their
respective SUs can be hired for free, with the promise that you'll drag
some users into the bar afterwards ?  That way, you can have a secluded
area with propper internet connectivity and power, and shouldn't feel
compelled to stay around in a boozy smoky atmosphere afterwards should
that be a worry.

Have you also considered talking to large computer stores asking whether
meetings could be held there ?  You could then tag together and release
a joint press statement, along the lines of 'Foobar computing supports
Notts Lug' and 'Notts lug at larger premises, check out us out at Foobar
when you next buy your components..'

Regards, Andy Davidson, Systems Administrator
Comodo Research Labs,            01274 730505