[Nottingham] RedHat 8.0

BUNTER MATTHEW nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 7 10:29:05 2003

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>>However, I have to say...
>>                       * REDHAT 8 SUCKS DONKEY'S NADS *
>> I have had the misfortune to use this Redhat release (it is the
>> only
>> supported GNU/Linux at Nottingham University - sucks huh?) and
>> it would appear increadibly unstable, amazingly so. Please
>> please please avoid it.
>> Jon.

>Not saying you are wrong, but havn't heard many problems like this
>with RH8, (not used it myself, using phoebe at the moment and its
>pretty sweet)

Yeah sorry Jon but have to disagree here. I have had RH8 on my
laptop for a while now with neither a crash or hiccup. Previous
versions always needed a comment in the X86Free config (or some
such) file to get the graphics card to stop crashing. RH8 installed
easily and apart from the memory consumption with Gnome Bluepants
is OK. I have since swapped to IceWM and things run smoothly. Also
got it on the PC running KDE (128 M graphics card) and its sweet.
We've even got it in production for web servers here at work.

Maybe your Linux admin guys there have screwed around a bit and
have fudged the install onto Uni hardware??


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